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Hi Everyone,

So Duley I have succumbed and signed up for my second Ironman in Wales 2017.  I have a query that I hope you all might be able to assist me with?

When training for first IM in Lake Placid I was in the position of having lots of time, however now I have a set of twins to take into account as well as my Wife.  To all those who Iron distance train what was the best solution for you and your families?  I have my wife's support, being as she was ok with me entering but obviously I still need to be around at home to help where needed.

I would appreciate any advice that you can provide.







  • Ironman Wales is a great race, you will love it! It will be challenging to fit your training in with twins, but achievable. Make sure everyone knows what training you need to do and try to sit down to plan how it will happen together, (this may be quite hard to do, but worth it) you may need to get a bit creative with your training by running to meet your family somewhere, or cycling to meet them then cycling back on family days out. Make sure you get enough rest too, life with small children (I'm assuming they are still pretty young from your post) is tiring!

  • I did Wales in 2015 and I'm doing Lake Placid this year!  

    I have young children also and I found the best way was to manage training and family is to get out for long runs and rides as early as possible on the weekend (5 am, back by 10am). As Wales is late in the year, you will have plenty of light mornings to do this.

    If you are doing any open water sea swims (as much sea swimming for Wales was the best advice I was given), keep your family involved - take them to the beach when you go etc.  I do the same with shorter runs - go somewhere nice, the family can have a walk for an hour or so and you can meet them when done with the run and go for lunch, cake, coffee etc.  

    Mixing in training with commuting, lunch times etc. is also a good way to get the training in but without sacrificing as much family time.

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