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i am looking to compete in my first sprint triathlon in the spring of next year but quite naively I have some questions How do you attach your race number from one discipline to another Swim/bike/run and Do I need a tri suit just wondering what to wear? Would a tri suit have padding for bike and should I get elastic aged laces? Etc 

just trying to understand everything apologies if this all sounds silly but never raced before 

also if anyone can recommend a good Triathlon to try in April in the Home Counties I live in Essex


  • Hey there..I just finished my first sprint and this is what I did and seem to work great.  I bought a tri suit (separate top and bottom).  The open water was warm enough so I didn't need a wet suit.  But the people who did wear wet suits just wore their tri suits under them.  So no need for race number on the swim.  They should give you a race number for your bike and helmet.  And then they will give you a race number for the run. I used my run belt and just attached the bib to that.  So @ T2 I just put on my race belt and it was already attached.

    Most tri bottoms have a pad that is designed to not hold water.  I would make sure you get bottoms specifically made for tri.  

    I swam, biked, and ran in the same outfit and never changed.  

    Good luck.

  • Triathlons - East Coast Tri in Yarmouth on April 22/23, Trifarm in Chelmsford May, June and July. Look on Entry Central and the BTF website for more

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