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i am looking to compete in my first sprint triathlon in the spring of next year but quite naively I have some questions How do you attach your race number from one discipline to another Swim/bike/run and Do I need a tri suit just wondering what to wear? Would a tri suit have padding for bike and should I get elastic aged laces? Etc 

just trying to understand everything apologies if this all sounds silly but never raced before 

also if anyone can recommend a good Triathlon to try in April in the Home Counties I live in Essex


  • hi,


    the race number is attached to a race belt (google "race belt" and you will see plenty of them).
    this race belt is just "resting" on your hips and is not attached to any clothing or so. that makes it easy to turn it around. they are elastic so you don't need to worry about them falling off. If you however make it too loose, it will turn around while running. If you tighten it too much, it may cause cramps.

    You put the racebelt on after the swim in transition 1. (on youtube there are plenty of video's showing how to nail transition 1 and 2).

    You will need a tri-suit and depending of the temperature of the water, also a wetsuit. if the water is too cold, you put a wetsuit above your trisuit. after swimming, you strip off the wetsuit, and - thadadaaa... there is the trisuit - .

    trisuit has a bit of padding for the bike. enough to avoid most saddle pain, but not too much, as you still need to run (and nobody wants to run like they are wearing diapers).

    Get those lock laces. No point in biking and running as fast as you can if you are not willing to invest 10 EUR/USD for those laces, which could save you 30 sec .


    PS: you should test everything upfront. don't do anything new on raceday. test the racebelt for thightness, test your lock laces for a few runs, ... (do also brick runs)...


    good luck

  • oh, and by the way, april is rather soon for a region like essex i guess.

    I live in belgium, same wheater (maybe even less rain here) and triatlon season really starts from may onwards.

    If you cross the channel, you'll have a triatlon in gravelines. Might see you there.

    kind regards,

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