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Fast 70.3/Half

Hi Every One

I have decided to stick to half distance races this coming 2017!

As i have promised the wife i will not go Full this year

I plan on a new target of Sub 5!

i know i can do it if my races comes together on the day.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Just to clarify i am not looking for a 'EASY' race but fast.(hilly runs/bikes are my fave for training but not for speed)

As a insight to my skill set i can swim sub 30min, i am able to get a fastish ride in eg 2.40 and am working on my run hoping to get it down nearer 1.40 but fastest to date during 70.3 over 1.50!

As you can see it will be close! But hay what are goals for if there not tough

Also i live in Stratford upon Avon. So west midland based if at all possible


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