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Talkback: The low-carb debate: good or bad for athletes?

A nice article, thank you. I think it's important to consider the health benefits of lower carbohydrate lifestyle esp for masters athletes. Older you get the more likely you are to be less tolerant of sugary foods e.g. if you grew up in the 70s and ate Frosties every day! Many athletes claim to experience higher energy levels and faster recovery on low carb.


  • I think it's very telling that Tim Noakes was shown online symbolicly ripping out the carb up section of Lore of Running. 


    I have far far too much timber around my middle, I've turned to triathlon (and been bitten by the bug) to help with weight control.  I've also been looking at nutrition closely and there is no doubt in my mind that personally I "work" better with a LCHF or Banting type diet. 


    The rabbit bit hole runs deep and im not convinced that dieticians have ben given the full story over the years. Many of them find themselves entrenched in a position they've been in for years and are reluctant to do a uturn on advice they've been given for years. 

  • Renee McGregor opens up by saying:


    "The debate around a low-carb diet has been around for a few years now,"


    Seeing as modern day carbs have really only only been around for a few hundred years (it could easily be argued that genetic modification in recent times means that they have not even been around that long) whereas man has been around for 200,000 years (ok, that figure could be argued either way, but certainly we've been around for longer than granola. 


    as we haven't gone extinct in that time, does it not stand to reason that are bodies are more than capable of existing without convenience carbs?

  • raphblierraphblier Posts: 4

    Hey. A good discussion is found in Alex Hutchinson book Endure where he spends an entire chapter talking about nutrition. I really recommend you this read! You can find a review on my blog if you want to know more!


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