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Tri and Run back in business?

Hi all this is my first post in this forum and I was wonder if anyone can help. I have seen on the internet that the Tri and Run website will be re-opening on the 19th July. I do not wish to re-open any debate about the closure but does anyone know if it is going to be under new management and whether all the old stock was sold to pay the creditors?

To cut a long story short my reason for asking is prior to them closing down I was given some bum advice although I do believe it was un-intentional. I upgraded my entry 7005 for a Vento as they were offering a very good deal (you know how it is you go in for a new pair of running shoes and come out with a new bike). Prior to upgrading I was discussing with the staff at Epping that although my last bike they supplied was a 56cm frame (I am 6 ft and 33" leg) I always felt like I was over reaching. I was persuaded to try a smaller frame however it did not make any difference and it later transpired (when I measured the frame) they had sold me a 53cm frame (I know my fault I should have checked but I at least expected a medium). I got back in contact with the store and they were very helpful, they tried to point out that many people ride small frames and the rules were not cast in stone. However they did agree that nominally my height would require a medium or large and I could exchange it as they had plenty of stock, providing I returned the 53cm in the same condition. Unfortunately due to circumstances I did not get a chance to change it before they had ceased trading.

I know that time has passed and I haven't actively persued it as no doubt there have been more serious issues for people to worry about than exchanging my bike. I have held on to the bike and not ridden it on the off chance they started trading again, at one point thinking of keeping it even though it is a tad too small.

If anyone is in the know advice would be most appreciated, I think it may be a lost cause and I will have to sell but it might be worth a shot.



  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    even if they have your onto plums fella.

    I'll bet the old company was a limited company and when it was dissolved then the debt died with it... not in the strict sense. The new company is likely to be under a different company name, company number, directors etc and as such owes you nothing.

    Sorry dude but I doubt you'll get anywhere...
  • sinjsinj Posts: 8
    Shadowone1 thanks for the reply, I thought it was probably a non starter but you never know your luck. I think if they do start back up again i'll give it a shot nothing ventured nothing gained.

    I could always try getting a bigger frame although a 56cm does seem too big which started this mess in the first place I should have heeded my dads advice 'if ain't broke don't fix it'. I can't seem to get my head around the sizing issue my friend is 5'11" 33" inside leg and swears by his 53cm he says it is superb for sprinting a seems okay on a long haul.

    Anyway if you have any pointers always willing to listen.

    Thanks again,
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    Have you actually looked at going into a LBS and asking them? Or going for a bike fit to find out what if anything can be done?
  • sinjsinj Posts: 8

    Had already spoken to a LBS at the weekend and arranged to pop in tomorrow it's quite hard trying to find some consistent info and a LBS that is willing to help and not trying to sell you the new bike they have in stock.

    I was measured at triandrun when I got my original 7005 and they seemd to know what they were doing just a shame about the mess at the end.

    Anyway thanks for your help I know to those in the know it can be frustrating sometimes but it is not like the good old days when you bought a Raleigh Chopper the only thing you had to worry about was whether you wanted red, yellow or blue.

    Thanks again.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    You say you felt you were overreaching - could it not just be that a change of stem would sort you out? I changed the stem on mine from a 130mm, to 1 90mm and sorted all the problems i had with being a bit stretched - sine my back has loosened and i can stretch it a bit more i've gone back to the 130 but that's beside the point.

    sorry to hear you had trouble, i 53 would seem a bit small for someone your size, but did they measur you at the time you bought it? If they had plenty in stock it would seem strange to intentionally sell you the 'wrong' size, particularly as i always found them very nice and helpful whenever i went into the shop
  • sinjsinj Posts: 8
    Hi md6,

    You're right they were always helpful and I used them quite a bit, my 7005 was a 56 and I do think they thought they had given me a 54 but in fact it was smaller just a shame they had ceased trading before I could get the mistake corrected.

    I held onto the bike 'just in case' but I think it's a lost cause, going to the LBS to see what can be done but it feels expensive already.

  • jafajafa Posts: 6
    If the new company want to get off on the right foot and you really havent used your new bike. If there is a small difference to pay to change, surely as a gesture of goodwill theyll do something for you if they have the same stock in place?
  • sinjsinj Posts: 8
    Hi All,

    I have managed to get in contact with the new owners of triandrun and they have been trying to sort the problem out for which I am very grateful however it looks like they have none of the old stock so I cannot exchange the bike. As an alternative I have asked whether they are going to be selling bikes when they open and if so can I upgrade but I am waiting for an answer so fingers crossed.

    I have been to 2 LBS in the meantime and with regards to advice and measurements the less said the better.

    As a last ditch I have the opportunity to by a 56cm Vento 2 frame.

    Many thanks for all your input.
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    Another thing to be wary of is that bike sizes aren't consistant.
    A 54" Felt may have quite different dimensions from a 54" Specialized.

    Bike fit is the way to go but be prepared to tweak it as you get more/less fitter, more/less flexible.

    A little discomfort is acceptable until you get familiar with a change of position - constant pain isnt!
  • sinjsinj Posts: 8
    Well got a reply form the new owners of triandrun and unfortunately they are not going to be selling bikes and they have none of the old stock remaining so no joy with the exchange / upgrade route.

    Went to 2 LBS and got told 2 diffent sizes for the same model of bike, Specialized Allez 24, one quoted 54cm the other 56cm no wonder people get confused.

    I have put the bike up for sale although I have been offered a brand new 56cm pro lite frame and forks but I am not too sure if it is worth the money to change the frame.

    Final thing just want to say thanks to all who have given me some pointers and if you know anyone who is after a bike with a 53cm seat tube and a 53.5cm top tube the advert is on the wesite.

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