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Garmin vivoactive or tom tom runner 3

Guys I need to choose a watch to train with , I know the Fenix 3 rules but costs , so I'm looking at the Garmin vivoactive hr or the TomTom runner 3 , one has great web and is good at updating the other has music and training guides vocally ,, torn between help


  • JgavJgav Posts: 3

    So I was talking to someone who used to have a TomTom and now has a Garmin.  She rates the Garmin as being much better (not the Vivoactive but one of the Forerunner ones).  

  • DeaksDeaks Posts: 3
    I'm after one I can swim with so unfortunately the forerunner won't help , but I do like the look of it
  • I have a TomTom watch for running. It's basic but does what I need it to but the biggest issue is that it can take *ages* to pick up a GPS signal at times, sometimes at home, other times when in a new location. Indeed, it's so bad that there are times when one has to wave one's wrist in the sky to try and get closer to the satellites and get a lock. I know a number of other people who report the same issue so it is not unique to me.

  • DeaksDeaks Posts: 3
    Cheers have chosen to go with the Garmin
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