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Hi all!

We are doctor of physical therapy students, and triathletes, conducting a triathlon research study (approved by the IRB) at Touro College in New York, NY and would appreciate your participation! We are looking to identify possible relationships between training habits and incidence of injuries. We will be happy to share our results in the Spring once we are finished and (hopefully) published.

Below is the link to our survey which shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to take.


A few items we would like to address that have been brought to our attention regarding our survey:
1. All the questions in the survey refer to your most recently completed triathlon.

2. For those of you outside the US, or not familiar with Imperial units, here is a unit conversion website

3. Our definition of "off-season" was a period of time when the athlete wasn't in a structured training block preparing for a triathlon. Examples would be resistance training, technique work, low aerobic intensity swimming/biking/running. Basically we wanted to know if the participant remained active in some way or jumped straight into a triathlon training program.

4. In regards to the question about "systematically increasing training volume" we are referring to the overall average increase during base and build phases of your training program (excluding any taper or down weeks).

5. We understand that based on the questions we asked that there are limitations to the study. There are other variables that can influence injuries but we aren't able to account for them all and wanted to mainly focus on the effects of training.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write them in the comments. We would like to thank anyone taking the survey in advance for your participation!

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