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Talkback: Leeds confirmed as venue for the British Age Group Champs

Given the farce of last years AG event at Leeds its not entirely clear why it makes sense to reward them with not one but two AG Champs is entirely unclear and seems like a bit of an insult to AGers and home nations members.

One presumes that WTC, realising that no age grouper would go back there even if you paid them, have provided some substantial sort of compelling incentive to the BTF for being given this undeserved honour (as it can't be anything to do with previous track record of the event).

For me I think this is both a disaster and a real shame. We have so many great smaller race organisers who demonstrate time and time again that they are capable of putting on great races for AGers and instead we're going to put WTC in a position of prominence in the tri community.

We have seen in the US what WTC does in attempting to freeze out its competitors and our triathlon federation, who are responsible for promoting the sport at grass roots level, seem consent to give WTC an honoured position in the UK which, based on WTC's established business practices, will only help to facilitate the monopolization of tri in the UK... discuss.
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