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Win a day out in the Lakes

Ok, This August I'm off on my yearly LD triathlon holiday jaunt to Vichy. By trade I'm a Mountaineering Instructor; guess my time in Vichy and win a days intro rock climbing in the Lakes, nearest guess wins. What d'you want to know? I'm a rubbish swimmer and average biker and runner. Recent results:-

Bala Oly, 2009, 2-34-29 (32-23/1-12-52/46-00)
Challenge Barcelona, 2009, 12-46-27 (1-19-25/6-10-56/5-05-05)

Trentham Half, 2010, 5-51-04 (50-22/3-11-32/1-49-10)
Little Woody, 2010, 5-59-15 (38-51/3-41-56/1-33-50)
Challenge Barcelona, 2010, 12-17-12 (1-17-22/6-22-12/4-37-38)

Cotswold 113, 2011, 5-10-17 (44-00/2-41-14/1-42-08)

Good Luck!
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