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I am competing in May in Eton Dorney my first Triathlon and do not know what to wear through the event should it be one piece suit can I swim in this? Or a wetsuit for the swim with shorts I am confused so any help would be appreciated obviously looking to avoid arm bands haha


  • You will definitely need a wetsuit - I did this event last year and the water was cold (I am a girl but the boys were all wearing them too). Underneath the wetsuit, you can either wear a trisuit (or tri- shorts and top) or swimming trunks and pull cycling shorts over them in transition.  The trisuit/tri-shorts option is quicker and probably more comfortable than cycling shorts as you wont have the extra layer to chaff and will certainly be quicker.

  • Many thanks that is helpful wold u suggest buying a wetsuit or hiring?
  • Hire one (its possible to hire for a full season or just one event) just in case you don't do another triathlon, then you can buy one at the end of the year in the sales .

  • JgavJgav Posts: 3

    Why bother hire one when loads of wetsuits are on offer right now for not much more than a seasons hire?

    DHB do a reasonable looking one for £100, Xterrra have some for £80, you can pickup a Zone3 entry level model for just over £100.  Point being, is that they don't have to break the bank (not everyone needs a top of the range Huub)!

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