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Worth it change 90 profile wheels for 60?


I have a couple FFWD F9R wheels (profile 90cms) on my LD triathlon bike, but on windy days I feel unconfortable when I acquire 40 or 45kmph on a downhill or something

It will be noticeable and worth it if I change front wheel for a FFWD F6R (profile 60cms)?

Thanks, and forgot for my non perfect english


  • Just change the front wheel - I use a 60mm on the front, which is fine most of the time, however, on a really windy day, I will use a 45mm front.

    There is little point changing the rear.

  • Yep, in my mind was only changing the front wheel. But I didn't know if changing from 90mm to 60mm would be noticeable enough

  • Going from a 90mm to a 60mm will make a pretty big difference, although you will still notice it in a cross wind

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