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Olympic distance and Triathlon 70.3


24/06/17 i'm planning an Olympic distance triathlon. The week afterwards 02/07/2017 i'm planning a Triathlon 70.3. Is that a smart idea or is there too little time to recover between the two races. I am used to Olympic distance races but it will be my first Triathlon 70.3. Any tips or advice?


PS: I am a 33 years old man and i do triathlon for 4 years now.


  • Not sure if it is a good idea, however, last year I did an Olympic tri the week before my first 70.3 - it was easily my fastest OD, and I did the 70.3 in under 5h30m which was much faster than I was expecting

    I think that the OD helped my 70.3, I certainly felt no ill effects, but I am not an expert

    at the time I was 44 and had 1 year of triathlons behind me.


    My personal opinion is that it will depend on how strong you think you are in terms of your physical and mental condition, maybe a week will be a very short time between both races to recover but if you decide to do it, you should plan a very lightweight work during the recover week so you body wont arrive fatigated to the race. 

  • grakaygrakay Posts: 16

    You should be fine if your training has been based on doing the 70.3. The OD will be like a test event to see just how good your 70.3 prep has gone and may fill you with confidence. A really easy week in between obviously. If you have been training for an OD and hope to have a decent 70.3 on the back of that, you may be in for a surprise! A HM after 56 miles is a lot harder than 10k after a 25 miler. Either way, you've signed up for them, so go and enjoy them and learn from the experience. Update this thread with how it went. ! ????

  • I saw a great interview of Parys Edwards who is a professional triathlete. She gives some great tips and advice.




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