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Talkback: Bike training: turbo vs road cycling

Very informative post about bike training. It is sometimes not possible to cycle outdoors due to weather conditions, less availability of time in such conditions indoor cycling is a great option. With the help of indoor bike one can regularly carry out their cycle practice without any obstacles. Many indoor bikes also come with virtual training software like https://www.racermateinc.com/video-software/ where you can get hundreds of routes for your bike practice.


  • Alex5Alex5 Posts: 1
    I have to disagree. Actually cycling indoors is way more effective than cycling outdoors. I've been doing all my IM training on the trainer for 2 years already, only cycling outdoors when racing and can say that my power numbers have increased dramatically. And not doing more than 7 hours a week. A couple of 1.5h interval sessions plus a a 4-5 hours endurance ride (on the trainer too) with some long intervals at IM or HIM pace. I used to do all my cycling outdoors spending 12-15 hours a never became as fit on the bike. Ah! And long endurance rides on Zwift are very effective. You should try.
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