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Suppressed immune system / immune booster?

hey you good folk, any advice for a good immune booster? I'm well into the training for my first sprint triathlon at 47 but being blighted by colds, infections and generally feeling unwell.... it appears my immune system is suppressed and I'm guessing that 5/6 days a week training could be partly the problem. I've spent most of my recent adult life not being that active so it's all been a bit of a shock to the system!!  I'm not reducing the training as i want to achieve a respectable time so would rather just boost the old immune system. Is this a common problem experienced? What remedies have you guys come across? Many thanks in advance for any advice. 


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    You have clearly identified the problem, the cause and the solution. But you don't want to implement the solution because you don't understand how training works.

    To put it as simply as possible: Training makes you tired. Recovery/rest allows the body to adapt and so gains fitness. Training suppresses the immune system and rest/recovery allows to to recover and strengthen. You can't buy your way out.

    From what you describe you are over training. This does not allow for adaption and fitness gains. Less training will give better fitness gains. 4 good days every week will be far more beneficial than 6 unwell days. Not the advice you want but that's how it works.

    Unless you have an unbalanced diet there is not a lot you can do there. Some may suggest glutamine but the evidence for it is very dodgy.
  • Thanks Harry D - sometimes the answer is so obvious I suppose it can be easily missed. I suspect a typical error for beginners. Really appreciate your advice sir. 

  • DysonDogDysonDog Posts: 1

    Check out Primal Endurance by Mark Sissons, and the Maffetone Method. They have both been my biggest helpers to overcoming what you describe.

  • Thanks Dyson Dog - I shall take a look. Very grateful.
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