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Triathletes/duathletes needed for carbohydrate research study

We are currently conducting a study at Leeds Beckett University into the effects of carbohydrate ingestion on fuel utilisation in endurance cycling and running.  Existing research tells us that we use differing amounts of carbohydrate and fat when cycling and running at the same relative intensity.  There is however only a limited understanding on how this is regulated by the body and the effects that ingesting the recommended amount and type of carbohydrate effects fuel utilisation in both modes of exercise.  

For the first in a series of studies we are currently recruiting male triathletes and duathletes, aged 18 to 35 to participate in 4 experimental trials (cycling with carbohydrate and without, running with carbohydrate and without) involving 2 hours of constant intensity exercise followed by a time trial (16 km bike, 6 km run).  Prior to the experimental trials you will undertake 2 VO2max tests, one for running and one for cycling, the data from these tests will be available for you to use to set more specific training intensities.

Upon completion of your trials we can offer you a complimentary lab testing package to suit your individual training requirements, which may include lactate profiling and the setting of relative training zones, body composition analysis and dietary analysis.

For more information or to register you interest please contact [email protected]



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