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I need help. I've been a triathlete for 3 years now. I was told I had a rotated pelvis making my left leg significantly longer than my right. I always compensated for it on the bike with shims but not on the run. About a year ago I pulled my left quad. I continued triathlons and actually did a half iron man last October. I had a personal trainer who specialized in muscular imbalances help me with my quad/core/ect. for 5 months. In the months following my HIM my left quad has started getting tighter and tighter after about a mile in. I have to stop and walk and then can continue but usually only 3 miles maximum now! I got dry needling done and she found it was stemming from my L5/S1 area being so tight. I've been going to a chiropractor since Jan twice a week along with acupuncture and massage. I've gotten some relief but still cannot get past 3 miles without walking a lot. I'm at the point I might give up running...it doesn't hurt on the bike.

Please help in any way!!

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