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First Tri - Drafting Question



I'm currently prepping for my first Tri later in the year, (Leeds), and I've been reading up on all the rules because I don't want to mess up the transitions, (or potentially ruin a person's race through my own stupidity).

Transitions seem easy enough to understand, I'm sure I'll be slower than most; however, I can't seem to wrap my head around the "no drafting" rule.

I've read the British Triathlon rules on drafting, but can't visualise how you're supposed to not draft in a race with thousands of competitors, surely a group will form that will be close enough to each other to fall foul of the rules?


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    With wave starts competitors will be spread out so generally no problem. At Leeds last year I didn't see any significant bunching.

    The motorbike race officials are pretty good and generally only penalise deliberate drafting which is pretty obvious. Remember you have to be either overtaking or dropping back when in someones draft zone and this takes time and the officials know this. They also know that bunching occurs at turns, on hills and near the start and finish and allow for this.

    So relax, do what you can to maintain that 10m, keep out of groups and you'll be fine.
  • tyrunntyrunn Posts: 2

    I don't think I'll have any issues staying out of groups, it'll be lonely at the back!

    Thanks for the info, I was worried I'd ruin someone's race by getting in the way or ruin my own race by getting a penalty.

    Now I only have a dozen or so other things to worry about!

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