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Indoor workouts for 70.3

Hi All, I'm looking for some guidance on indoor bike workouts for a 70.3 training plan. I'll be doing 2/3 workouts indoor per week and one long ride at the weekend. I was thinking of the following weekly structure - 2x20, big gear low cadence and vo2 max session. Any advice would be greatly reveived. Thanks in advance.


  • I'm no expert, but I'm focusing on the 70.3 distance, i did 2 races last year, i plan to do 3 this year. I have to do a significant amount of my cycle training on turbo/wattbike/exercise bike - due you work arrangements (I work away from home)

    The sessions you have outlined are the typical ones I do as well.

    1) 2 x 20mins at 90% FTP. 10min RI.

    2) 4 x 5 mins at 120% FTP. 5min RI.

    3) 3 x 10mins at 50-70rpm. 5min RI.

    I use Sufferfest videos to supplement. Rubber Glove for determining FTP. Revolver, Long Scream, Hell Hath No Fury, Dark Places and Elements of Style are favourites.

    I also use British Cycling's sessions occasionally. The Over/Under session in particular.

    I use virtual power on my turbo. I use power on the wattbike. I use feel/heartrate response when on the exercise bike. I find having the target number helps to keep focus....it's probably an engineer thing.

    Hope helps
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