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Whhels and brake blocks ??

Im looking at getting some decent wheels for my Boardman tt bike.Ive been given some advice but must admit was getting mixed up with if I bought certain wheels I would need to change my brake blocks each time I put them on,Can someone please help with wheel advice and add some clarity to the brake block issue

Thanks Alan


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Depends on the brake track. Allow require what you probably have already. Carbon tracks will require special blocks. These are usually supplied with the wheels or purchase at the same time. Should fit in your existing brake shoes
  • So to answer the question that I think that you are asking, if you are constantly switching between training wheels with metal alloy rims / brake tracks and carbon race wheels with carbon rims / brake tracks then you will need to keep swapping to the appropriate brake blocks.

    If you are just swapping wheels then you only need to ensure you have the correct blocks in to start with.


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