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Finishing times

Hi everyone. I was just reading an article on age grouper finishing times. Why do we have to add 1hour extra to the women's finishing times than the mens?? Anjj


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Think I read the same article. Pretty meaningless actually. Do your own thing. Base your own target time what you do in training and other races. Add time for transitions and because its quite a long race then knock a bit off because it is a competition.
  • Thank you. I have yet to do my first triathlon and just wondered why always add an extra 1 just because your female?? Anyways I have been procrastinating about my first tri.... Lol the usual stuff like I'm not fit enough, have I done the training right, will I be the last person over the finishing line especially as my running is poor due to iron deficiency anaemia but really want to grow a pair nd just do one
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