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Talkback: Canyon Speedmax CF SLX 9.0 triathlon bike review

Unfortunately I found out recently that Canyon's reputation is well deserved, being lied to about both frame sizes and delivery dates. The problem is they only have three frame sizes and I was lied to (twice) before getting the truth, namely that they have nothing between a 53 and a 57. Instead they'll try and shoe-horn you onto one of those without admitting the real sizes, that's the purpose of the online calculator. They also strung me along on delivery dates, pretending until the very last minute that it was on time until confirming my order. They then immediately informed me of several weeks delay. On top of that huge delays/disconnections on the UK service number, screwed delivery details up despite me typing them correctly online, and send their feedback request with all questions in German. The only thing they managed with any competence was to handle my order cancellation. Hated every minute of the experience. Avoid.


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I think your criticism on sizing are OTT.  So say "I'm a 55, I want a 55" for example completely ignores that a) bike geometry and position have a HUGE impact on the bike (FYI I ride a 55 road bike and if anything the small (which I assume you mean by the 53) is in danger of being too big, I certainly don't feel "shoe horned") and b) things like leg length, torso length etc have a huge impact on sizing and therefore the fit calculator seems to me a better way of sizing a bike that the normal height ranges, where its not clear whether you should size up or down if you fall in an overlap - a range of 168 - 175cm is hardly useful for sizing yourself when there is a 172 - 178 range as well.

    In terms of delays and the customer service, I agree this was quite frustrating when I ordered from them and it does to some extent let them down, that being said, the price differential between a Canyon and other superbikes, in my view, makes up for this frustrating factor.

    So other people reading, I encourage you not to avoid but to set expectations on delivery time etc and be realistic (then compare the cost of your bike with an entry level Cervelo and realise how much cheaper it is for a full Di2 superbike).

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