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Tri Bike advice / Argon v Felt v Canyon


I'm investing in a triathlon bike, having made do with a Road bike (Cube) for many years. I have a pretty decent budget (c.£6k) to play with - I've decided to treat myself as I've always made do with budget gear!

I went for a professional tri bike fit (at Department of Endurance - they were excellent, I'd highly recommend them) and they have recommended the Argon 18 119 (with Zipp 404s) or the Felt IA2. DoE is a registered dealer for both brands so can put them together quite quickly and will reimburse the cost of the fit if I go with either of those models. I was also considering a Canyon Speedmax CF SLX 9.0.

The Canyon seems to me to be the best value of the bunch, and the integrated hydration etc it comes with is definitely appealing as I have an Ironman coming up in August and while I'm sure you can add bento boxes and bottle cages to the other two, the Canyon solution seems quite elegant, not to mention aero. With that bike in a large, I would have some room to come down from an initially quite high stack height (recommended post-fit).

Any thoughts on the above would be much appreciated - it's obviously a lot of money to spunk on a bike and while I realise the sensible thing would probably be to get a much lower spec one as my first TT / Tri bike, I'm planning on doing many more triathlons (and particularly long course ones) so want something that will last me for many years and allow some adjustability as I adapt to a more aggressive position. While I'm not a complete muppet when it comes to bike maintenance, I'm no professional mechanic either, so ease of setup etc (the IM I'm doing - ThorXtri - is in Norway so I'll be flying there from the UK) is a factor too.

Thanks all.


  • TprSmidTprSmid Posts: 2

    Went with the Canyon (a Speedmax CF 9.0 Di2, as it was a better fit than the more aggressive CF SLX). Am really happy with it. Canyon delivered earlier than expected, albeit there were a couple of parts missing (no Di2 charging cable!) but that was very quickly remedied. Bike goes like an Exocet, and is much better than I am, but I'm doing my best to remedy that.

  • I went for a Kronos-9 from Evo2max.

    Stunning bike. However, same for Canyon I suppose, it's sold online and you will have to make all the settings yourself if possible (on mine I can't raise the handle bars).

    Therefore, I would advise to go to a shop and go for Argon or Felt and make sure they set it to your needs.

    With your budget, add a power meter.

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