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Newbie seeks advice!

Hi all, am a newbie signing up for my first super sprint tri, baby steps! My question is (please don't laugh) do I need to invest masses in a racing bike yet? I just want to do one tri and see if I like it, I can do 10k on my bike but it's an old mountain bike. Will I look like I turned up to Ascot on a donkey? Or is it common for newbies to have a go on an old bike first? Many thanks!


  • AngiemacAngiemac Posts: 40

    Look for a "try a tri" event - they generally let you ride anything that's roadworthy - I've seen someone compete on a BMX bike before. Mountain bikes are not uncommon in Novice events - you wont look out of place. Check with the race organiser or if its a British Triathlon Federation sponsored event check the rules on their website. 

    Hope you enjoy your first tri.

  • LorelieLorelie Posts: 5
    Thank you, think I am aiming for the UK Triathlon's Birmingham event in July, a Pink Wave if they do it or just the "fun" distance. I can already do each part, so I have three months to practise putting them together. I just wasn't sure what I'd actually need but it looks like any roadworthy bike is acceptable so I'll just make sure I get it serviced! Very excited to give it a go. ????????
  • Would probably be worth fitting some slick tyres, other than that a mountain bike will be fine. There are often people riding mountain bikes in sprint triathlons

  • grakaygrakay Posts: 16

    You can use any bike, but my top tip is that you always run off the bike after every ride you do. If you are using cleated bike shoes, leave some trainers outside your house and run straight away, even if it's just 200m as its this part of the triathlon that always catches newbies out.  And invest in elastic laces for your running shoes. Good luck. 


  • sheddytrisheddytri Posts: 3

    I just did my first Sprint Triathlon at Dorney Lake. I loved it and massively recommend it to start. I have started a blog and an instagram page. Just for fun but also to help people like you and me!


    Instagram @sheddytri

    p.s. 'grakay' - I agree, the run did catch me out a bit. Legs felt very odd for the first 250m. Good tip.

  • LorelieLorelie Posts: 5
    Thank you all, and I shall follow your blog, sheddy! Just did my first super sprint and it was fab. I'm not fast, but then I'm not as young as just about everyone else, lol. Transitions could have been better. But I didn't get lost on the bike and I didn't flake on the run and I enjoyed it! Next one in six weeks, have a PB to break now! ????????????
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