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Orca Predator or Roka Maverick X

This question is mainly aimed at the 220 team. You've have reviewed both the Maverick X and Predator wetsuits and I am curious to find out if there was much difference between the two? Particularly regarding shoulder mobility? Many thanks


  • Hi!  I wonder of you got any answeres or if you got to try these two wetsuits. I am wondering th same thing, currently have the orca perdator and very satisfied whith the shoulders which was a great issue for me before with other suits. BUT the suit is not very warm..I wonder if the roka has the same shoulder mobility..Thank you!

  • Jay  SkiJay Ski Posts: 15

    Not many suits are specifically designed for warmth - for this look at the Blue Seventy thermal range. 

    You will generally get a little bit more warmth from a cheaper suit as it is generally thicker. 

    Or...swim harder

  • Jay Ski!

    Tha question was not about which suit is warm! I am not looking for a warm suit! If you have ever been swimming in an orca perdator, than you know that it is 0.88 mm thin in the arms and shoulders...so on the long course it can get pretty cold. But I need this felxibility in the shoulders!! My question was if the Roka Maverick X has teh near same flexibility in the shoulders....

  • Jay  SkiJay Ski Posts: 15

    If you want outright flexibility then look at the zoot wikiwiki. 

    If you want a combination of a bit of warmth and flexibility look at the Sailfish G-Range


    I have owned 2 versions of the predator, 3.8, sailfish G range, Wikiwiki, Sailfish Ultimate IPS (current suit) so i hope I can be objective considering Im not getting paid for ads. 

  • The Zone 3 Vanquish comes pretty close to the Predator in the flexibility stakes... it's not quite as good, but it's the best of the rest that I've tried (not as extensive as Jay above mind...)

    It is for the same reason you state that I opted for the Orca Sonar, more buoyancy, less tech and not as thin but still an excellent suit.

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