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Obrea bikes

I am looking at getting a new bike and been to my local bike shop which is very good from advice from them i am now looking at getting a Obrea bike instead of the trek brand thatt i have always gone for since my first bike that i brought with paper round money 15 years ago. Does anyone else have a Obrea bike and if so is it as good as the treks or better ????

Thank you !!!!


  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    do you mean an orbea?
    I have got last years orbea aqua tg, £850
    alu frame carbon forks tiagra gruppo.
    I find the bike brilliant, did what i wanted, was fast when fitted with aero bars, but comfy for the long training rides.
    weight is what you pay for, so they're not super light, but mine feels ok plus its the biggest size they do.
    Never had a trek, so cant compare, but my orbea feels great, and with the new k1 wheels I put on looks even better, gets a lot of comments and people saying it must be expensive and all are suprised at the price!!!!

    here it is from last year with a few alterations, handle bars and seat post
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    I am no expert but from what I have seen and from people I know that have them Orbea are great bikes ... IMO I would have one over a Trek anyday - depending on which one of course.
  • have orbea ora for last 3yrs, cant fault bike and service was ok,
    a cabble stopper broke off the frame last year, but they come with a lifetime frame warrantee,
    they took it back and fixed it no questions, although it did take 3 mths to get it back
    which left me without a tt bike for start of season
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