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Improving technique on the bike

I am new to triathlons - a sub40 10k runner who started swimming at the end of 2016 due to achilles injury rehab and got my first bike a few weeks ago.
I have done my first standard triathlon and 5mile TT this week and loving it. My power output is big (so i am told) and im clocking some good average speeds (20mph on the standard tri in the wind) and over 23mph on the TT). That said, its all power and no technique - im very upright on the bike (the photos from the race prove this). https://www.charleswhittonphotography.com/photo31619449.html

Does anyone know of a good tutorial online or book that i can gain tips from to improve technique? Would joining a local cycling club allow me to get coaching or are they just all about 'rideouts' and the social side? 
One of the guys at the tri club suggested i get aerobars and practice with them (and potentially a stem for the handlebars too).

any advice on this, stretching techniques to help flexibility, etc... much appreciated.


  • What is your power? Do you have a power meter?

    Not sure if local clubs provide coaching, however, there are normally good cyclists who will be happy to give you advice. most clubs have a fast group who will ride at 21mph+ for 30-50 miles

    I am not an expert, but it looks like you would benefit from a longer stem - a good bike fit will help you setup your bike so that you adopt a more aero position

    TT bars will give you some benefit, however, on a road bike, the biggest drawback is that you will be constantly shifting back to the bars to change gear, unless you have DI2, then you can shift from TT bars and from the drops

    If you have a local gym with a Watt Bike, that can be really helpful for improving your pedaling technique, a friend of mine who races criteriums, does a couple of sessions every week on the Watt bike to improve technique

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