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Hi, Really looking for some advice, this is my first season competing in Olympic triathlon, self trained and taught as work and time and family comittements don't allow me to join a club. I am 42 and completed Leeds WTS and finished in 2.34 which I was chuffed with I am Posting as I would really like some advice on weight loss. I currently weight 15stone and just can't seem to lose weight , it seems like I have weighed this since Christmas but I eat really well and training 5 to 6 days a week, colleagues and family have noted that I have lost weight but I haven't I am still 15stone. I have read that to improve my run times it's beneficial to be lighter and overall I would like to be leaner I want to attempt to do it sensibly. However what puzzles meIs I calorie count via my fitness app and generally always come in under 2100 a day target once it compensates for my workouts, however I don't seem to be losing weight. Any suggestions would be most helpful. I have used the 220 beginner Olympic training plan and it was really good.


  • My thoughts are as follows..

    As a rule, if your training, you may be losing fat and gaining muscle. This is why measurements and photos are a better way or gauging fat loss ( you say your friend think you've lost weight ), unless you can get an accurate body fat analysis done.

    If you have a calorie deficit, you'll lose weight/fat. At 15 stone, and training most days while consuming 2100 cals, you'll definitely have a deficit.

    I find cycling is best for losing weight. Steady Zone 1, possibly fasted, for a couple of hours.


  • I went from 16 stone to 12 Stone over 12 months, this is what I did: Train without gels and just add water to your bottles. Reduce the number of beers just one or 2 at the weekend, dramatically reduce the amount of carbs in your diet - meat, cheese, milk, butter are all fine, reduce bread, rice, pasta - I was amazed how fast I lost weight doing this

  • Myfitnesspal allows you to eat back your exercise calories, so you may as well not burn them at all!

    I would set your activity level at zero and then don't eat back your exercise calories. This is what I did and it works for me. I also find that myfitnesspal overestimates the calories you need so google a TDEE calculator (scoobys or IIFYM are good) and use those instead and set your own goal in MFP.

    As above the scale does not distinguish between muscle and fat so try to go by how your clothes fit and take progress pics/measurements instead. 

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Nutrient timing - in this country we are very bad at this and often back load our food, i.e. eat our biggest meal at dinner time.  This means your body is in energy preservation mode for most of the day (as you haven't given it enough food) and then dump a load of calories in at dinner time.  Your body thinks "good, I've been fed, as we've got some down time (sleep) lets stash this away to cling on to it for tomorrow" this means you can be theoretically in a caloric defecit but because you put your body into starvation mode during the day it isn't burning as many calories (so its not as much of a deficit) and then you give it plenty to store up in fat at bed time.

    It's far better to front load your calories consumption and try to avoid eating too much within a couple of hours of bed time, that way your body isn't able to pack on fat whilst you sleep.

  • Hey are you really looking for weight loss formula without any exercise , then Nutratimes  which is the best Garcinia Cambogia brand in India can help you loos 4-5 kg per month easily .

    Follow Some Deit plan like

    Don't eat Banana in night .

    walk 20 min a day .

    and enjoy

  • Too many diets have too many rules to follow and you get discouraged when you don't follow the diet. I've found that if you come up with 5 personal rules based on good research then that helps you start. You can build more from there as you get disciplined, but that's been a huge help for me. I started with a list like this:

    1.Don't drink your calories except for a little milk and protein shakes.

    2. Eat at least one meal per day of mostly vegetables

    3. Whenever you go to bed, don't eat at later than 2 hours before that time (sleeping at 10 means no eating later than 8)

    4. When I've gotten my portion of food I need to be the excess away. No going back for seconds

    5. Stop purchasing temptations I have a bad past at using portion control.


    Stuff like that helped. I hope it can help you too!

  • I would suggest swimming, cycling and a diet based on plants..

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