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Videoing / Filming

With the sport growing as it is and social media is tied in with our everyday lifestyles, as we want to showcase our achievements and participation in events, why is it still not allowed to film / video your own personal journey during an event?  On a non-professional level it doesn't make any sense, tied in with listening to music etc, I find this quite restrictive, not a lot of people will actually do it, but for part of the enjoyment and looking back at good memories of taking part in various events I think it would be a good thing to allow it.  Will it ever be reviewed / changed?




  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Music banned so that you can hear instructions from marshals, hear other other competitors give warnings and and hear other traffic. If its not there you can't play with it which is a distraction and can cause unpredictable movements.

    As for videoing. Focus on the event. You're not Steven Spielberg. If its not there you can't fiddle with it. Focus for safety's sake. There is enough poor behaviour on the cycle leg to start with without encouraging more.
  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Music isn't banned - latest rules say that music/ headphones are permitted on the run provided that they don't go over or in years, i.e. bone conducting headphones are permitted.

    As you say, the key thing is being able to hear other participants, marshalls etc and being alert to your surroundings.

    I agree, camera's etc will mean people will fiddle with it etc and potential cause accidents (and major ones at that on the bike course).  Once you open this avenue up you potentially get a lot of issues, imagine in 10 years time when sports drone tech gets better and everyone wants to have their own "follow-me" drone covering their entire race... better just to say a flat no.

    I also query whether there are certain issues from event organisers about privacy etc, i.e. whilst participants consent to the organisers taking footage, would everyone be happy if any Tom/ Dick/ Harry etc was recording freely.  I can see how that might make people less comfortable.

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