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hi, i;m doing my first sprint soon and wondered wether or not i should wear my cycle shoes or will it slow me down too much when changing into running shoes for the run? Should i just cycle in my running shoes for faster transition as running is my weakest point.

Also any advice on the advantages of wearing cycle shoes or are they more for the elite athletes? Thanks, any comments welcome


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    toadtoad Posts: 104
    You ask a good question candikaine,

    Do the cycle shoes you refer to have cleats or are they just ones you slip on

    Last year I did two sprint triathlons, my bike did not have cleats just half straps for my feet

    I wore a slip on cycle shoe and changed to running shoes in T2 in the first sprint, in the second sprint I decided just to wear running shoes on the bike and went through T2 in a breeze. Didnt feel it had any adverse effect on my bike time and it certainly reduced T2 time. So my opinion for a sprint triathlon is wear your running shoes.

    However this year I intend doing olympic distance and will switch to cleated cycle shoes as most of the cyclist I talk to say it makes a difference. As the distance to cycle is greater I would expect the advantage of wearing cleats will be more noticeable.

    I would be interested in what more experienced triathletes think.

    One word of advice though if you do decide to wear your running shoes on the bike it may pay to adjust your seat height slightly as the sole is much thicker on a running shoe and will increase your leg length, I developed knee pain when i first started using running shoes on my bike.
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    AdyShawAdyShaw Posts: 19
    Not that i'm an expert, but i would say wear cycle shoes. The benefit in time of being able to push down and pull up on the pedals in a revolution would far outweigh the seconds it takes to change into running trainers.

    It's just a matter of practice makes perfect with transition speed. And it's funny practising in groups when others (and yourself) muck it up!
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    lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    This June will be my 1st sprint tri and i am gonna wear cycle shoes with cleats. Why? Weel I am used to cycling in them and figure that you will race better if you are more comfortable. If i tried to ride my bike with trainers on now it would be weird!

    Also it takes me maybe - 20 secs to put my cycle shoes on (Might test that theory). Not ok if i was competing at world standard but good enough for 1st tri i think. Anyways that is my opinion. Whatever feels good to you...
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    It's a very good question and one I asked my brother (Duathlete) and Cousin (Triathlete & Half Ironman) only this week.

    Both recommend the wearing of proper cycle shoes with cleats as the time saving on the bike out weighs extended T time even in the sprint format.

    I'll be testing the theory at Blenheim.
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Cycling shoes are the way to go! No doubt[8D]
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    KiwiPaulKiwiPaul Posts: 46
    Cycling shoes would be my opinion as unless you're at the front of the field and in the prizemoney the extra 20secs in T2 isn't going to matter a jot. Most important of all though, you do only what you feel comfortable with without just doing what everyone else does. After a couple of races experimenting with different options (on all things, not just shoes) you'll figure out what's best for you.

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    krazycalkrazycal Posts: 45
    definately cycle shoes although dont pull up as research has found that pulling up makes you less efficient, its more the stiffnes in the shoes and the right foot positioning that makes you much faster and efficient

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    First timerFirst timer Posts: 139
    Use your cycle shoes is my best advice, also try attaching the shoes to the bike before you race then on T1 BECOMES MUCH QUICKER.


    Start to ride with your feet on top of the shoe then once you are moving one at a tome put your feet in, straps accros and your away. Then do the opposite juat before T2.

    good luck . tour
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    I tried cycling in running shoe recently and found they didn't offer enough support, my feet were aching down the outside.
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    In my opinion cycle shoes are better, i recently upgraded from toe clips to proper tri cycle shoes and pedals. I have found a huge increase in power and acceleration. And from what ive been told if you are not getting an advantage from cycle shoes then you are not pedaling properly i.e. rolling the barrel and scraping the shoe back, if you know what I mean! try doing one foot pedaling drills, helps to smooth out the pedaling action, helped me loads!

    plus.. as the others have said you can clip your shoes in so T1 should be quicker, provided you dont do a me and fall over!
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    Thanks alot for all the advice guys. I've now tried a 20k cycle in both running shoes and cycling shoes. I felt much more comfortable in my cycle shoes and i was also over 5 minutes than when i wore running shoes.

    I am definately gonna do my 1st tri sprint in the cycle shoes and just keep practicing the transistion between changing into running shoes.

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    If you are worried about slow transition from cycle shoes to running shoes, its worth investing in some kind of elastic lace system for your runners, these will save loads of faffing about trying to do up ur laces - flatlines are cool and work really well, shoes just slip on and are already as tight as you want them!!! flatlines.co.uk
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