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The Outlaw Done And Dusted

pippip Posts: 170
Phew what a day.My day started at 4am attempting to eat a bowl of meusli and a banana in a hotel room somewhere in Nottingham.I left the hotel at 4.20 am to get to Home Pierrpoint in good time and hoping not to get lost on the lovely one way system around Nottingham.Iarrived at the venue at about 4.50 am,plentuy of time to get my shit together,go for a pee and sort of settle down a bit.5.30 am,time to put on the wetsuite and gather at the edge of the water,chatting away to plenty of other nervous peeps.5.55 everybody in the water,which was quite warm really,so no worries about getting cold hands or feet,but there were plenty of people shiverring,me included,due to the nerves.At 6am the hooter hooted and off we went.Being a slower swimmer i waited at the back of the pack and settled into a steady pace.The water was very flat too which was good.After a pretty steady swim i exited after 1hour 32 mins,quite pleasde with that ,and in to T1.Onto the bike after a 7 min transition and steady away,averaging about 32 kph.All was going well untill about 50 miles into the bike when ping,one of my spokes snapped.Shit.Stop, pull over asses the damage.One broken spoke,one buckled wheel .Not wanting to give up i bent the spoke around the hub and loosened off my brake as much as poss,but the wheel was still rubbing against back brake.Iput up with this for about 10 miles then had a brainwave,got an allen key and removed brake blocks,so,no back brake,hey ho.i then rode the rest of the bike with a tad more caution and thankfully made it to T2,in 6hours 50
5 mins in T2 and off for the marathon.My aim was to do a 4 hour marathon and things went to plan for the first 2ok then bang went my legs and cramp took over.The marathon became a serious struggle,a miture of walk,run,stretch and so it went for the next 20k.Ikept taking water and high 5 at the aid stations but nothing shifted it.But then a light appeared at the end of the tunnel and the last lap of the lake arrived.3 more sodding miles to do,which seemed to take forever.But my mate ran with me for the last mile and i got my wife and my mates girlfriend and we all croosed the line together.13 hours 46 mins and a bloody marvellous feeling.Well done to all the othe Outlaws


  • pippip Posts: 170
    The only downside to the day was i left my bloody wetsuit there.Never mind i'll have to buy a top of the range 2XU ,oh dear.
    Oh yeah and a new back wheel
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Nice report and great effort there - especially with the bike difficulties - Good to see people get through these races and enjoy them So whats next ?? Double, Tripple ?? haha
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