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Evaluate my IM build-training plan for 2018 season (feel free to copy)

I am planning my 2018 season training and would like some feedback. My goal is to qualify for Kona. I work a full time desk job (no kids) so i want to get the most out of my training. When i designed this plan my thoughts were: 

1) This is a bulid fase program (from october - april) aiming for an IM in mid july. 

2) Use polarized training (Holfelder B et al. Polarized training: eine systematische Übersichtsarbeit. Swiss Sports & Exercise Medicine, 2016;64(2):44-50) 

3) have an 80/20 easy/intensity distribution in the training over all. (When including Strength training i almost hit this mark, 74/26). 

4) To improve in a disciplin I figurer i would need at least three sessions per disiplin. One long and steady, one "normal" easy, one high intensity.

5) In a build fase i have included two sessions of strength training were focus will be core stability, leg strenth (squats, calf lift, lunges, explosivenes (jumping). When the season is closer i will continue with one strength session 

My restrictions are 
a) i can only get in 1h training in the morning on week days due to my job 
b) i dont think my body can handle more than 17-18h of training. 
c) i assume i will not be able to complete all the sessions in the program every week. When i miss a session it will give me some extra recovery time. (what i like to call "sosial periodization")
d) i live in Norway so all cycling will be done on a turbo (therefore no 6h long weekend rides) 

Any feedback is welcome! Feel free to copy me traing plan for personal use =) 



  • When you say all cycling will be done on a turbo, do you mean the 3hr bike would be on the turbo, from my point of view you need to be doing some intervals on the turbo sessions, you are not going to get as much value from doing endurance on there.

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