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bout me - weight - 59-60kg and FTP - 240 - 250.   

Bike - Canyon ultimate al 9.0 with mavic krysium wheels.  Tri bars fitted and power meter. 

 After few years of experimenting, training in the right sort of way now so after speed gains on the bike. 

What helmet would people recommend.  Tend to look at 45 degrees so a full blown wizard hat maybe no good. As for the wheels, I don't want to spend what I perceive as crazy money as I wont be winning any races (just want to go sub 5 hours on middle distance). What are good value/quality wheels.  I know this may vary from person to person, but to give na insight into my perception, my bie cost £1500 and I think at the time of buying years ago, spending anymore would not have resulted in enough of a performance benefit. all comments welcome. TIA.     

PS - the fact that there is no clear helmet or wheel choice may reflect the fact that it is mostly marketing and hyperbole and just a case of training harder. who knows. 


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Consider one of the stubby aero helmets such as Giro Aerohead or Air Attack

    As to wheels have a look at the Kronostock deep section carbon clinchers. Got some this summer and they seem to do the job
  • Thanks for wheels recommendation. Not stumbled across them yet
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