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im completely new to tri and am after advice about training. I get very little or no free time but can’t get rid of the ambition of doing a tri. 

I keep reading about needing to do 6 sessions a week. But I’ve only ever trained for marathons and find it hard enough doing 3 runs a week.  Mostly going out at 0400-0500 on a Sunday to do along run so I don’t lose family time. 

My daugther has a swimming lesson once a week, if I swam lengths at the same time would this count as one of my swims. Also would cycling to work (only 4 miles) daily be worth anything.



  • Hi Barrie,

    It depends on what size triathlon you want to do. If you are looking at Ironman level then Im sorry but you need to do loads of training. If you're looking at a Super Sprint or Sprint then lower levels of training will be fine. It also depends on how competitive you want to be - some finishers do no training (they regret it afterwards!) but if you want to win the more training the better.

    For a Sprint, I'd try for 2 x 30 min swim (1 technique, 1 distance), 2 runs (1 speed work, 1 distance) and 2 bike (1 shorter speed work, 1 longer distance) - this is what I'm aiming at but I don't always get the sessions in. To be honest I'm lucky if I get half the sessions in but I'm a finisher. 

    By the way I'm not a coach - this is just what I plan to try to do.

  • Definitely only looking at a sprint for now. do you think a spin class would be the equivalent to one of my rides. Then maybe a longer one at weekend that can be before a run. 

    Thanks for the help I reckon I could squeeze in most of those wether In be before work or on the way home etc. 

  • Sure you can do a spin class a one of you cycles- I know a lot of triathletes who do this in the winter evenings. Or get a turbo trainer for home

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