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Hi, I have completed 4 sprint tris this year but have been disappointed with my performance.  I am looking for a training schedule to follow over the winter. I am 63 and am certainly not a super athlete. At the mo I run/ jog 4times a week, visit a gym and lift weights twice and try to swim  once and do a @ 20 k cycle once.


  • Hi Susan, are you looking to continue doing sprint triathlons? You need to add some intensity in to your training if you want to improve your times. There is also evidence to show that as we age, doing higher intensity exercise helps to increase fitness more than doing lots of distance so I would definitely recommend adding some interval work in to your sessions, and increasing the frequency of your swim and bike sessions if you have time. You will need to make sure that you recover from these sessions too, (it takes a little longer as we get older!) Lifting weights is great, as bone density also decreases as you age, especially in females doing some weight bearing exercise helps with this.

  • hey Susan. Along with training, I might suggest having some bloodwork done (more comprehensive that what you get from doctor)....I have been amazed at how much this has helped me (I am older too). Try Indur (www.getindur.com)


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