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Coaching Scholarship

I enjoyed a reasonably successful competitive swimming career back in my younger days. When I retired from competitive swimming I began working with triathletes to help improve their generally poor swimming. Over the years, that morphed into full triathlon coaching on a part-time basis. For years I have put my passion for triathlon and coaching on the back burner as I pursued a job that put food on the table.

The time has come to follow my true desire – helping athletes to achieve their dreams – on a full-time basis.

The business model and personal attention I have in mind requires more than one person, so I have partnered with one of my long-time athletes to form a new company, BSC Multisport. You can learn the whole story of BSC Multisport on our website but suffice to say my partner made several disparaging remarks after particularly challenging workouts from which BSC Multisport was born.

We are offering a coaching scholarship to five athletes through the end of the 2018 season. This will include full coaching, free of charge to you during the scholarship period, and is open to any athlete in any country around the globe. We are looking for a mix of athletes of all experience and skill levels. Are you thinking about stepping up to the 140.6 distance or maybe you attempted to qualify for Kona and fell short? We need to talk! For complete details you can visit the “Scholarship” tab of our website.

If you are interested and would like to be considered, please send me a private message or visit the “Scholarship” tab of our website.

We will be making final decisions on "Team BSC" around the middle of November.


  • Sorry, our website is at www.bscmultisport.com.

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