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Hello everyone,just starting to train for my first triathlon after running for a decade or so.  I'm starting to gather up some gear on the cheap... so I have lots of questions... but first a quick question about pedals/shoes. I'm converting a 15 year old mountain bike just to get through a couple races and see if the sport really takes. The bike shop recommends Shimano PD-A530 pedals because re reversible so I won't have to clip in just to go on bike rides with my kids and because the shoes will be compatible with the spin trainers at the gym. This sounds reasonable to me, but what do I know. Will I loose out on anything by not having the proper road/speed pedals? Will this set up be okay for a couple years if I do catch the triathlon bug? Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Sounds a good all round suggestion to me
  • I think that if you get the triathlon bug the mountain bike will go in less than "a couple of years", in favour of a road bike, so the Shimano pedals will be a great compromise to start with. And if you decide you don't like Triathlons then you will still be able to use the mountain bike with the kids.

    Go for it!


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