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Winter training mojo

Recently I've become a little concerned to notice that my enthusiasm to train across all sports has waned, swimming being the main discipline to suffer and I was wondering if anyone could share some advice on how to reinvigorate both myself and my regime, please?

My existing regime looks like this: I run a couple of times a week - a 5k midweek with a bunch of others and a solo as-far-as-I-like-or-can-manage as I'm trying to work through thoracic outlet syndrome and a wonky pelvis - visit the gym once for S&C work, swim one evening and cycle once at the weekend.

For the 5k run I try to keep pace with the faster runners (never ends well) and for the longer one originally started as fartlek with a sprint every km but is now more along the lines of slow and steady; swimming consists of 200m sets including pull buoy, paddles, RP efforts, sprints, single-arm lengths and the like to 1,400 or 1,600m and cycling is around 50k wherever I feel like heading, with a few full gas Strava PB attempts thrown in wherever I can manage.

Ideally I'd cycle most days as that's my favourite discipline but that's clearly not possible, so I'm wondering how to mix it up to keep it interesting but not have anything suffer in terms of my current level of performance?

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