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hi, i'm preparing for my 1st sprint triathlon. can anyone give me some idea of a decent swim time over 400 meters in pool. So far my time is 10 mins and i don't feel exhausted afterwards so i think if i work on technique can do better. Any comments grateful thanks


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    Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Hi I am not a very good swimmer.Got my 400mtre swim down to 7mins.I do longer distance so going much slower.Remember give the race people your swim time as you do not want to start in the wrong swim time.Most sprint tri swim,s go of every 30 seconds.Good luck with your first one you will love it.
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    thanks for that, i'l try and work on my technique for a better speed.
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    timftimf Posts: 15
    I'll second Dave's thoughts - I'm pretty early in my tri training, haven't been in a pool for quite a while but am a decent swimmer at base. I'm currently on 6.30 400m time. I'd say concentrate on technique and building your base fitness in the pool. I'd also highly recommend joining a triathlon club and joining in with their swim sessions. I have been along to 2 now and the structure of the sessions and having coaches available to critique my technique has been really useful.

    Depending on where in the country you are I'm sure there's a club close by.....
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    thanks timf. Did some pool work this morning and managed to do 400 m in 9 minutes but it didn't feel good. I felt tired and uncomfortable, i definately need some help with technique and i think i'm bringing my head up too high when i breathe. Any pointers would be great anyone, thanks
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    bringing your head up can make your legs sink, whom really drag the water, by which you slow down dramatically. Just breathe while your body rolls and your head shouldstay in the bow wave (correct English?) you create.

    People who swim all their life still work on technique almost daily, so don't expect to have perfect technique overnight. Read lots (books and net), watch technique movies (you tube, ...), get personal coaching, read this forum! All things that may help. But most important: consistency.

    Keep up the good work,


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    thanks benny, sounds like i'll practice technique and not worry too much about speed for now.
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    timftimf Posts: 15
    Benny's spelling is spot on and his advice is good too. I breathe as low as possible with the lower edge of my mouth sometimes still just in the water - it's just a question of practise and getting comfortable with it.

    Also, as you swim, don't look ahead to the end of the pool - look down at the bottom, this keeps your head down and legs up meaning you are more streamlined in the water. Final thought for now is to try and take long strokes as you swim as this will also make you more efficient.

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