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Cervelo p3 di2 ultegra vs argon 18 e119 mechanical ultegra

Okayy Im a bit mixed which to choose from & i need your help guys

Both 2017 models: with the 

E119 @ 4800$
P3 @4500$.
Here's the catch:
P3 equipped w/ Shimano Ultegra's Di2
While in the other hand
For an additional
300$, i could get argon 18's top tier bike the e119 but with it only being equipped with the ultegra mechanical
Which would you go for if u were in my shoes?

a top tier bike with a mechanical groupset or a 2nd tier proven race bike with it being equipped w/ an electronic groupset at a much cheaper price?  


  • Fort6Fort6 Posts: 5

    Good question.  You may have already pulled the trigger at this point, but if not...Have you ridden either or both?  It should be fairly apparent after your test rides.  Those being completely equal, E119 - never have to worry about charging your battery one less thing.

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