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Forced Sale Aquaman Gold Cell size XXL(Men's Wetsuit)

FLASH SALE now only £330 for one month only!!Unfortunately I am selling my wetsuit, bought brand new last August as it is the incorrect size for me, and now having to buy another.  Worn only 4 times (swim only events). This will suit someone who is 6'2' plus  weight 88 -100 kg. It is their top of the range suit. For many years I have only used their wetsuits and find them excellent especially with the reverse zipper which is incredible quick to undo. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Reduced Price from £395 now £330 for month only (MRP £500). You'll find it hard to find another make its equal at this price. I'm based in Barkingside, Essex or London Bridge. (m) 07866 529 769



















The Gold Cell is a high end model with high performance capability and will keep you warmer. This model is made with the Metal Cell technology, which is neoprene on the outside and inside, treated with SCS to make it very slick when in direct contact with the skin and the water. The end result is that the neoprene stays very close to the skin and allows virtually no water into the suit. This, in turn, forces your body to heat less water, thereby keeping you warmer. The suit is made with two layers of GIGA #40 from Yamamoto giving it a very good quality/price ratio. One layer lines the inside of the suit to keep a closer fit and one layer on the outside. This model is a perfect suit for a triathlete who is looking for performance and warmth. You will love the flexibility, comfort, lightweight feel, fast removal, and warmth in cold water thanks to the Metal Cell technology. The shoulders of the Cell Gold are made of GIGA #40 to allow maximum flexibility for totally free movement. The forearms have the “Aero Design Propeller” to provide a better catch of the water during the pulling phase of the stroke. The collar, made of GIGA #40 has a new “Revolving Collar” which positions the front of the collar forward by 20 degrees and is 2cm lower allowing for more comfort and reducing the entry of water through the collar area. Another feature is the Flash System on the back of the neck to prevent chafing and aide in the opening of the zipper. Like most Aquaman models, the zipper on the back opens from bottom to top.
Bigger Velcro behind the neck for easier closure.
Hips roll control – Aquaman has added a panel of Rubber Dome to the hips to help flotation and balance when you are on your side.

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