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Hey all,

Currently have my first 70.3 scheduled for June 10 in Cambridge, Maryland. Was looking to do a few more races later this summer but not sure how much time to take in between.. Thinking of signing up for the 70.3 in Lake Placid, NY 6 weeks later. Does anyone have any input as to if this is a smart decision or is enough time to take off in between? And if so, how much time off and what kind of training would you do in those 6 weeks between?

Also, if anyone has done the Lake Placid course do you think this is feasible for a beginner at 70.3 distance? These will be my first two Half Ironmans. Have a solid endurance base from several years of recreational running, muay thai kickboxing (endurance heavy), and cycling. Did two Olympic distance tri's last summer. Thoughts?


  • JRackJRack Posts: 4

    Hey Ryan!

    I am doing my first 70.3 this June as well! Good Luck on yours. As for it being a good idea to pop over to a second one, I would wait and see how you do on your first 70.3 and how you feel afterwards. There are always races available if you check out the calendar so if it is something you finished and want more I don't think you will have a hard time getting in another.

    I personally do not plan on hitting another 70.3 this year, I will probably do some regular Tri's in my area, but want to see my performance and recovery time after my first before committing to a second.

    TLR version: See how your body handles a 70.3 before you over schedule yourself.

  • Thanks for the input! Think that is the best way to go. Probably smarter to see how my body responds to the first one before scheduling several haha. Similar to you I still plan on doing some smaller local ones - Olympic and sprint distance as well as runs.

    Good luck on your first 70.3! Will you be doing Eagleman in Maryland as well?

  • I did 3, 70.3s last year. I'm planning 4 this year - the closest two being 4 weeks apart.  

    I would suspect that with your background (the strength and conditioning from the Muay Thai & KickBoxing), assuming that you train appropriately and regularly, that you would have no problem doing two 70.3s, 6 weeks apart. 



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