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HI there.  Help!

I've dowloaded the 220 middle distance training plan for 6 months and am sticking to it.  In week 11 it tells me to do a brick multi session 'as detail previous section' but there is no detail in the previous section so I don't know what to do my brick session as.  I would be VERY grateful for any advice from whoever puts these plans together

with many thanks



  • I couldn’t work it out either regarding the brick session.

    It says 1:15hr brick so I would do 1hr bike and run 15min

  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Or perhaps do 2 or 3 bricks in the same time. Gets you used to the change from bike to run
  • I agree with HarryD on this one. I am following the same programme and from doing research and asking a few experienced triathletes they advised that its a great way to strengthen and get your legs prepared for the run of the bike.

    I have done this session consisting of 10mins tempo on the wattbike followed by 1km run on the treadmill. repeated four times but it could be done at whatever intensity you wan tor desire.

    It's a great session and I'll certainly be doing plenty more in the future.

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