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I have a FUJI transonic 2.7 2016 road bike with the standard Oval 327 wheels it came with. Looking for a bit of an upgrade for next triathlons. Thinking of clip on aero bars and ZIPP 302 wheels. Opinions on whether £1,000 wheels will give a noticeable increase in speed and benefits of aero bars and perhaps advice on which are best????

Thanks in advance.



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    HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Joe, in terms of aero upgrades there are three to consider and all will give similar speed gains:

    1: Clip on aero bars: Keep you narrow and low. May need to do some stretching to get into the new position and you may need to remove some headset spacers to get low. Cost typically ??150 to ??200. Bontranger Race X, Vision Trimax and Profile Design T5 have all been reviewed positively on this website.

    2: Aero helmet. If you are good at holding the aero position and your head steady then get one with a pointy tail. If you move your head a lot or do hillier more technical courses then think about a stubbier or more rounded one. Again reviews on this site. Costs typically ??120 upwards.

    3: Wheels are the most expensive cost/improvement upgrade. The Zipps should be a great improvement on the Ovals. However, deeper aero wheels usually give greater aero benefits. A good balance seems to be 60mm on the front and 80/90mm on the rear but you would need to consider controlling them in cross winds. The April 220 (issue 349) magazine reviews 10 sets with the likely candidates starting at ??1200 a pair.

    Hope this helps
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    Great, thank you. Went for ffwd f6r wheels in the end. 60mm so hopefully some good aero benefit. Doing Edinburgh 70.3 ironman in the summer so hopefully wheels will help get time below 5 hrs. Not collected from store yet so excited to try out. Will look into aero bars and helmet through reviews on website. Advice much appreciated.
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