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Watch advice: is the Fenix 3 still worth buying?

I???m looking for a new multi sport training watch and am in the middle or research hell, please simplify this for me. I have 4 basic requirements: 1) a ???reasonable??? price 2) multi sport tracking (triathlon profile preferred, but not an absolute deal breaker, running, cycling, swimming metrics a must 3) daily activity tracking 4) can be worn as an everyday watch I???m zeroing in on the Fenix 3 at $260 Canadian (is it getting too old, will it become unsupported by strava, STRYD etc.) and also looking the Suunto Spartan sport w. Writer HR for $470 Canadian (is it worth the extra money for newer tech., will adaptive training be release for Spartans). Should I be exploring other options. The other options, 735 is $450, or wait for the polar V800 replacement? Thanks for any advice you can share
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