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First Timer - Advice Please : )

Hi There,

My brother dared/tricked me into doing my first triathlon (Olympic) this June in Pembrokeshire. I'm always game for a challenge so have signed up for it. I've done an 8 week front crawl course and built some good technique which I'll continue to develop, I've bought a good bike which I'll get riding properly as soon as the weather permits, and I've always been able to run 5k no problem (despite asthma), so am building up to regularly doing 10k in the next month or two.


So in terms of training, my plan is to add in more and more swim/bike, bike/run sessions up to and including full race length and then on the race day to go for it. I've never been one for following complicated plans and I also do a lot of boxing/weights and a bit of HIIT so can't really fit a whole new plan in on top of that!

My training week probably looks something like this 

Mon - Swim-Bike

Tue - Weights

Wed - Weights

Thu - Rest

Fri - Boxing

Sat - HIIT

Sun - Bike-Run


Long story short, am I underestimating the challenge at hand or am I ok to just go for it on the day based upon the above?


Thanks, Finn



  • Is it the Pembrokeshire Coast triathlon? If so its a great race! I would make sure you do some open water swimming beforehand to get you used to swimming in the sea, as it can sometimes be a bit choppy. You may need to do a few more race specific sessions, and it sounds like you're going to build that in. If you can commit to 2 sessions each of swim/bike/run, then that will improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance, which you will need, if you are racing for around 3 hours. 

  • Finn2Finn2 Posts: 2

    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated : )


    Yes, it's the Pembrokeshire Coast Triathlon. Ok, great, your advice is really useful. I'll gradually increase the number of cardio workouts I'm doing as the race gets nearer. I'm actually most worried about the cycle as its the only discipline I've not really spent much time with, but I'm hoping it'll be more of an endurance challenge than a technique! I've done a fair bit of sea swimming recently so should be ok on that front.


    As a first timer, my goal is survival, and hopefully not coming last - so anything beyond that is a bonus! 

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