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ETE tri camp Paphos Outlaw

We recently attended the above camp “coached” by Perry Agass from TriSutto, Brett Suttons coaching team. I thought I’d share my experiences. 

Location; it’s 4.5 hours away and you fly over the whole of Europe that has similar weather, better roads and infrastructure, better food and more culture. We stayed in Aliathon village which was a lovely holiday resort and has a brilliant 50m pool and a 425m running track (weird!) walking distance away. The running track was only used on one day however. The Cypriot drivers and roads aren’t very bike friendly and the dual carriageway that the bike sessions use is on a trunk route next to a cement works. 

Schedule; morning hour swim then either a run, bike or brick in the afternoon. The rest was free time apart from one one hour talk from Perry. 

Coaching; basically non-existent, the one hour talk consisted of a discussion of the difference between shapes of swim paddles for correcting stroke, why they never swim without pull buoys and a reasoning behind TriSuttos main coaching mantra ‘low cadence on the bike’. That’s it folks! Apparently the swim and run are high cadence activities hence overall performance is enhanced if the bike can be completed at 65-75 cadence citing Daniela Ryf and Nicola Spirig as examples. End!

Whilst Perry was present at the track run, bike TTs and swims his input was limited to “well done” occasionally and writing the swim set on a post it note! 

At the swim session some of TriSuttos elite squad occupied the other lanes and that is where Perry gravitated. Whilst it was called “Elite Training Experience” i feel that contrary to the intimation that this proximity to the full time athletes would enhance our session it actually detracted from our training. 

As an aside ETE utilise Pokapot productions to host the event and they are excellent providing the pool, track and safety vehicle and guiding for the bike ride. They can be contacted directly and arrange camps for JBR triathlon ( a great bunch) amongst others. 


Accomodation, great 

Location, Ok

Facilities, good

Coaching, poor

Value, poor

Lots of better options out there, Club la Santa/ Playitas etc. Or get your club mates to all head to Mallorca, Tenerife etc etc. 

NB there was no specific training for Outlaw despite the collaboration the only mention was when past participants on the camp started chatting about it and the guidance was limited to where to start on the swim! 



  • Hi,

    I'm really sorry to hear that the camp didn't work for you - and particularly sad to hear so after the camp. I'd have liked to have addressed your concerns whilst there was still time to make changes.

    We obviously want to make sure that the camp works for everyone in the future and I'd welcome the chance to talk to you in more detail. Perhaps you could email me? I'm afraid I haven't been able to match the forum tag to a name


    Julian @ ETE

  • rudedawgrudedawg Posts: 4
    It's too late for us but if you speak to the guys currently there they have similar concerns.
  • Rob HumeRob Hume Posts: 1

    I attended this camp too. It was my 2nd ETE camp. In fact 4 of the 11 of us were attending our second ETE camp which indicates a high level of satisfaction. Cyprus is a long flight from the UK but our centre was only 10 minutes from the airport. I'm not sure there would be many places nearer to the UK with the fine weather we had all week in March. The roads round Paphos were fairly quiet and particulary so when we headed to the mountains on our long ride. ETE and Mokapot intend to develop it as a triathlon destination in the future.  I have been on tri camps in Denia Spain, Gran Canaria and Mallorca where the traffic was much worse. For me the strength of Trisutto's training methods are their simplicity, and this was reflected in coach Perry Agass's presentation, which I got alot from.  Having done triathlons seriously for about 15 years I know there is no magic bullet. You just need to do the training. My recollection of the week is that Perry, although very busy did make a point of giving coaching advice, particularly in swim technique. There's only so much a coach can do in a week. Having been on camps with Trisutto, Club la Santa and Squad Dezire, (Perry's old squad) this was for me the best. I enjoyed a good week of hard training, great company, and will probably be back next year.

  • It's great info, thank you!

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