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Swim Advice please :)

Hello, Went to enthusiastically sign up for a novice pool based triathlon 4 days ago and it was sold out so got carried away and entered the sprint! Bike and run i???m fine with and regularly do greater than sprint distances. Swimming... went to pool yesterday for first time in about 12 years to do lengths. I was relieved to find out I can swim a continuous 750m in just over16mins but I feel quicker at breaststroke! I did about 450m breaststroke and 300m crawl. Can I mix and match like this in a race? Can I get away with doing all breaststroke or will I look really silly? At a guess would do so in about 15-16mins. Do people still wear tri suit in pool or are they only for under wetsuits? And if doing crawl is ok to do turns at end of lengths when pool swimming there isn???t any rule I need to know about not touching the pool walls or anything is there? Oh yes lastly i???ve got 6 weeks until race day... any training hints to improve think I can manage 10 pool sessions before then. Should I just focus on crawl and stop the breastroke in an aim to improve it? Thanks for any advice realised i???m Pretty clueless!!


  • AngiemacAngiemac Posts: 40

    Hi Laura,

    Firstly check your swim distance is 750m - it's an unusual distance for a pool based sprint triathlon. Don't worry there will be other people mixing strokes - you won't be the only one. Don't worry about looking silly - we all do when we're clad in lycra - just enjoy it. If people catch up to you they will touch your toes and the etiquette is to let them pass when you get to end of the lane. Yes we wear trisuits in the pool too, not just for under wetsuits. Tumble turns are OK, unless strictly prohibited by your event organiser but they should tell you that in the pre-race briefing.

    We were all beginners once and it's an inclusive sport. Just be aware of people who are faster than you and let them pass as described and you'll hve a great time.

  • Thanks for your reply Angiemac.

    I feel reassured now.

    Just double checked and it???s def 750m in 25m pool, so 30 lengths.

    Great, I will make sure to not get in the way and let people pass and clarify at the race briefing about turns.

    Ok, lunch time swim time now and i???ll Do a practice or two in tri suit nearer the time.

  • JRackJRack Posts: 4

    Definitely do not worry about looking silly!

    If it is the stroke you are most comfortable with to do the distance then stick with what you know you can succeed with.

    Do not worry about what other people are doing in their races, and just focus on you and your performance.

  • Thanks JRack.

    Yes I feel much more confident doing breaststroke and can do the complete distance with energy left over for the cycle and run. Great i???ll prob just do this rather than push to do it front crawl. I???ll see what next fortnight at pool goes like
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Normally the organiser will ask for an estimated swim time so that swimmers of roughly the same speed swim at the same time. If you randomly guessed a time when entering then time an actual swim and let the organiser know of any change. Its safer all round this way
  • Will do Harry, I was cautious when entering and guessed at 20 mins, was going to give it another week (as event still 5 weeks away) and then email organiser with an update as getting on better than that.
  • Hi Laura

    If you've made the swim distance you'll be fine.  Im not sure on pool event, but in open water you can even stop and rest if need be as long as you are not making forward progress.  Mixing up your strokes is fine as are tri suits.  If in doubt check with the organisers.

    The only thing you may find is that the adrenaline may grab you being around so many people in the pool.  So it would be a good idea to swim with a friend and get them to swim behind you and touch your feet etc.  Seems a bit weird but it will stop you getting startled in the water.

    Swim tips...I'd focus on whatever stroke you want to adopt.

    Over ten sessions you can build some good progressions in.

    15 x 50m

    10 x 75m

    etc etc

    Have a great tri.


  • Thanks Russell, less nervous now and looking forward to it.
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