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First 70.3 - training questions!

Hey everyone!

Currently training for my first 70.3 race and just had a few questions related to training time and frequency. Been training for quite some time - a few months now - and have a solid endurance base built already. Doing 3 hour rides on weekends, 2 hour runs, and able to swim the distance needed for the race. My questions were related to training frequency though. Due to current work and life schedules, I am only squeezing in 8-10, sometimes 11-12 training hours per week, with typically 1 long swim, 2 runs (1 short to medium distance tempo, 1 long slow distance), 1-2 bike rides (always 1 long slow distance 3 hours past few weeks, and usually 1 interval session about 1 hour), and 1-2 brief strength training sessions (basic lifts - deadlift/squat variations, pull ups, push ups, core etc..)

Given this is my first 70.3, do you think this weekly volume and frequency will suffice? Not going for mind blowing speed, but shooting for under 7 hours total. Is this a realistic goal? Should I really be pushing and trying to squeeze in more training sessions per week? In weeks past, any more training than this, on top of the hectic current work schedule, has led to beginning stages of overuse injuries and overtraining. It has felt as though this is my max current volume and intensity the body will tolerate. And I have been noticing satisfactory weekly improvements in endurance and overall fitness.

Any and all input is appreciated! Thanks!


  • Hi

    The volume you're doing sounds fine, don't try and squeeze in more.  If anything it sounds like you're peaking a little too early and might be doing too much.  You seem to be ok on the distances and times required but there scope to work smarter, not harder.

    Day 1, 2 and 3 - No more than 60 minute sessions.  Technical.  Work on drills, technique etc.

    Day 4 - rest

    Day 5,6,7 - Volume and lower intensity

    If you're schedule allows (not sure when your tri is) give yourself a few days off.  Let your body rest and recover a little.

    Hope the above helps.


  • Appreciate the feedback!
  • khaisonkhaison Posts: 3

    Did my first IM 70.3 last year and I had no previous triathlon experience prior. I trained for 4 months and did I think similar hours as you. My longest week was a little over 12 hours, which I did maybe twice. All the other weeks were 7-9 hours. You should be fine. What distance are you covering on your 2h run and 3h bike?

  • manu0010manu0010 Posts: 1


    I've been training for a IM 70.3. for some months.

    During the winter, I used a 12 weeks training plan to improve my endurance, my swim technique, my running technique... My goal wasn't be ready for the race, but trying to get better at some specific points.

    For the last 12 weeks before the race I've used a specific training plan for IM 70.3.

    This part was more oriented toward increase volume and speed.

    My longest bike rides were about 3h30. On the other hand, my longuest BRIC sessions included 60 km ride and 15 km run. The last one is planed for tommorow

    Finaly, the biggest weeks I trained about 10 hours.

    I think the most important isn't train 15 hours a week, but be consistent in your training, include long session, include specific spessions...

    I hope it can help et reassure you. 

    (Sorry if I made mistakes in English, I'm a French native speaker 

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