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Hip pain & differing diagnoses

So, I've been struggling with recurrent pain in my left hip for some time and am getting nowhere fast. It's best described as a sharp pain that kicks in after 40-50k, like a muscle is always 'on'. In itself it's obviously a problem but what is more of an issue is that I have diametrically opposed opinions from two professionals, as below:

My bike fitter is adamant that my left leg is shorter than the other and has fitted wedges and shims to alleviate the problem.

My osteopath believes it's a functional matter and simply requires manipulation and work on the affected areas.

I tried to get the two to talk but that failed, the fitter never responded to several attempts from the osteo.

So I've been reduced to experimenting myself, between two wedges in the left shoe all the way down to shims only. While I'm aware that retraining the body on the bike takes time, I've experienced no significant improvement.

So my questions are whether anyone has an idea of what the issue might actually be, ways to resolve it and what to do on a personal and professional basis as I am caught between two completely different opinions and therefore cannot progress one or other.


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    When I go and see my physio my left leg is noticeably shorter than my right. After a lot of work on my spine and hips they are then pretty close. Thats why I go regularly - for prehab. Everyone has different legs lengths as our bodies are not symmetrical.

    Go with one or the other rather than trying to find some common ground. You may be assuming that both have equal and relevant qualifications and experience or that both are somehow mostly right. This is most unlikely. Personally I would go with the osteo and persevere. I've had some severe lumbar and SI pain sorted by one
  • StooDoggStooDogg Posts: 30

    Thanks for the input, Harry. I knew that trying to get the best of both worlds between the two would never work and possibly make things worse, it is/was more a case of who to 'side' with: the fitter is a "Master" of his Retul-flavoured art, while the osteo worked with an F1 driver, so both highly qualified in their fields. I might have added that the fitter recommended/pushed me toward a custom orthotic costing up to £800 without any recognition or advice on rehabilitation work prior.

    Similar to your recommendation, I'm inclined to stay with the osteopath and find another fitter.

  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Best wishes and hope you are pain free very soon
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